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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The passion of writing and how to gain from it

Writing blogs can be a lot of fun especially if you write on your favorite topics. This seem like you are making a diary of world events. You may put together your blogs on a certain subject for a year then publish it as an ebook, a regular book or a blog journal. To compensate your time and your hobby giving out free information you can certainly blog for money and get paid posting honest reviews on your blog. The third generation marketing strategy is focus on blog advertising sometimes using videos or ipods. There are millions of these online journals linking together forming a vast network one can’t imagine at a rate of millions of blogs going out per day across the internet.

Smorty operates like any academic essay services. It connects bloggers to advertisers then connects consumers to the advertiser’s products through product reviews made available on blog posties. Freelance writers actually connect advertisers who opt to advertise on blogs and consumers looking for good product review reading blogs. This is the mission of Smorty, outsourcing advertising to bloggers who really love to write as a hobby. In the same way they get paid for blogging. Writers definitely get paid to blog unbiased consumer-generated content and somehow increase page ranks when consumers desire to grab real information and make them subscribe to RSS feed of their blogsites.

Diverse forms of technology made available in free blogsites are being tapped by Smorty to reach target market. This enables anybody to broadcast information, pictures, and videos worldwide. Bloggers certainly can have product reviews up instantaneously and it can be found all over the net as fast as in a matter of minutes. Smorty serves to search for writers that focus on a niche related to advertiser’s products or services that can very well talk about their business, products, customer service or inside view of the company. Blogs are rather informal unlike the articles that made it a good channel of expression and relationship building. Smorty see blogs easy to maintain and very informative that gives advertisers the opportunity to gather feedback for their products and services because it allows website visitors to participate through comments. Blogs are usually updated daily which is most preferred by Smorty who aims to be the leader in the industry of blog advertising. Even the web design of Smorty does not need to be too catchy also. It is as simple as 1-2-3 information on what the company is all about.