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Thursday, January 31, 2008

What makes a man happy?

Now I wonder what makes a man happy, women or money? If you are to choose only one which one would you choose? It is like if you are going to choose between going to work in a distance like another country and maybe leaving your wife in your home for a number of years? Which one would you choose work or wife? Now let me ask you, are the questions easy or difficult, seriously?

Many Filipinos are working in far away lands not because they want to live their wives and families but because they need to earn more to be able to cope up with the household expenses. Say they travel far in search of a better life for their family. That was the understanding. Some of them had been successful in constructing a house for their family. A home to return to so they say.

From the bank where I worked before, many guys have religiously sent the allowances of their wives and children. They were very happy then. One day I just find my client right at my front desk. Yes , I am a warm person and I welcome any conversation my customers would want to make while they were waiting for their priority numbers. The big problem they were facing: their husbands leaving them for another woman. Worst, the children's allowances were getting smaller each month and the husbands cut off the wives allowances too.

And not only that what made it more painful is that the husband's mistresses from China or from Iceland called them over the phone and told them to stop asking money from their husbands. God it just flared me up. I told them to report that to the embassy but then they were afraid their husbands won't be sending them money anymore and they can't cope up with the household bills. I know there are many wives out there experiencing the same situation. It makes me wonder, what makes a man happy?