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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rugby: the hardcore game



Rugby are for men who believed they can fly. Starting with a kick off from midfield, players strive to gain possession of the ball and release it only when tackled. Players were only allowed to pass the ball laterally or backward but may kick the ball forward anytime. Possession of the ball may be done in any position regardless whether it hits the ground or not. In this part of the game, fierce men fly.



Players may be tackled around the waist and legs in an attempt to gain possession of the ball. Rugby is a game for the whole family which everyone gets to enjoy. At one may sign up to their newsletter to obtain the latest rugby news and events about Rugby game. The Web site provides fans their own fanzone that makes it easy for them to read the rules of the RBS 6 Nations championships, who gets to play this season and where to buy genuine Rugby tickets. The contact numbers and their URL links were already provided for your convenience.


Rugby is a real strength and power sports that makes players display their techniques and strategies on different angles. The snapshots were just awesome! You may eat your heart out watching the podcasts of the coaches, captains and players interviews. What makes a man fly and display magnificent speed to gain position of the ball? We need to find that out ourselves by merely  looking  at the awesome leaps and runs they've mastered during the actual game. Motivation is one thing but winning here is the big thing. It could make you leap up high.


See all this at RBS 6 Nations podcasts. Be fully informed of each weekend's matches through podcast reviews. The actions were as good as you see them playing live on the field. Watching the games in podcast is perfect for men who are always on the go. Subscribe to the site's podcast service for free. They have already configured the program and is compatible to both Mac and PCs. A step by step guide was provided so you may download the exclusive podcast direct to your iPod, MP3 or computer. Subscription enables the site to send new episodes which they may automatically download to your computer.

Capture the most exciting and breathtaking competition right at your very own screen. Watch and take your greatest screenshots. Amazing leaps, men could hop like kangaroos. Give it your power shot! You can even make a poster out of it for display at your rooms. With RBS 6 nations you all have the chance to watch the game like VIPs. This is a once in a lifetime chance where you may experience real good unforgettable behind the scenes tour of places as such as the Presidential Suite, the Royal Box, the pitch and the England Dressing Room.

Click in mobile at the fanzone then go to the blueroom and click RBS 6 Nations 2008. Answer the question at the bottom part of it and win some of the best seats and enjoy watching the game live. Remember the blueroom may get you close to being treated as VIP if only you answered the question right. If ever you win,  just watch and stare a thousand yards away.  Never attempt to blink or you'll miss what it takes to play fearless to the end.

Inspired to try it yourself? Play with RBS 6 Nations interactive games. Each game teaches you a new skill. Each game encourages you to become the future Rugby player. At RBS 6 Nations you get to watch as an audience and you get to play as a player. Nothing to lose, only skills to earn. Watch and decide if you can become one fierce valiant man that could fly to win a game!