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Thursday, January 31, 2008

What makes a man happy?

Now I wonder what makes a man happy, women or money? If you are to choose only one which one would you choose? It is like if you are going to choose between going to work in a distance like another country and maybe leaving your wife in your home for a number of years? Which one would you choose work or wife? Now let me ask you, are the questions easy or difficult, seriously?

Many Filipinos are working in far away lands not because they want to live their wives and families but because they need to earn more to be able to cope up with the household expenses. Say they travel far in search of a better life for their family. That was the understanding. Some of them had been successful in constructing a house for their family. A home to return to so they say.

From the bank where I worked before, many guys have religiously sent the allowances of their wives and children. They were very happy then. One day I just find my client right at my front desk. Yes , I am a warm person and I welcome any conversation my customers would want to make while they were waiting for their priority numbers. The big problem they were facing: their husbands leaving them for another woman. Worst, the children's allowances were getting smaller each month and the husbands cut off the wives allowances too.

And not only that what made it more painful is that the husband's mistresses from China or from Iceland called them over the phone and told them to stop asking money from their husbands. God it just flared me up. I told them to report that to the embassy but then they were afraid their husbands won't be sending them money anymore and they can't cope up with the household bills. I know there are many wives out there experiencing the same situation. It makes me wonder, what makes a man happy?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

seek your world

It is better for you to live in this world as children
Awareness to what will become of you is making you run all the time
Running may not be that fun anymore
Trying to achieve your dreams may keep you away from me
Money may not be everything but I know it brings good things
I know the motivations and I know the need
Can't we just stop and take each day as it comes?

I feel we are growing apart
Children never worry about tomorrow
They have the Father to take care of them
Trust is basic and it is human instinct
Are you losing me?
Come and pause a moment
Just be with me for a moment and know that I love you

Come and sit with me
Listen to the waves and look at that starfish
He is alone but he is in peace with his world
Loneliness bothers you only when you are filled with the aches of this world

Come and sit with me
Pause a moment and know that you are not going anywhere without me
I am your heart's desire
I grant your heart's desire.
I am the Man with the Mission.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Paintings and man's imagination

Art and imagination is greatly associated to each other. How do man expressed his thoughts and his emotions? Remember Michael Angelo? I love the man's paintings and sculptures. I think I can spend a whole day just staring at his works in any of the churches ceilings. I am a great fan of his imagination in action. What about Adolf Hitler? He is a man fulfilling different imagination and desires. In world history, a man and his imagination could well be commended or hated. Be careful where your imagination takes you. You might get famous in the wrong category.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Scottish Castles

Scottish castles were not made for king and queens. They were built as a defense against attacks and feuds with England and other neighboring countries. They were generally a home for its inhabitants with tall towers used to watch the grounds for any signs of attack in the olden times.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bishop Castle, Colorado

The Bishop Castle in Beulah, Colorado is located on the State Highway 165. Jim Bishop has started the construction in 1969 and still is a work in progress. For over 30 years Jim did it all by himself. He does not want any help and has single handedly but mechanically created his stone and iron fortress. A product of his imagination, the evidence of his creativity and his monument of hard work, the castle is open to visitors on donation. The rocks came from San Isabel National Forest. Jim Bishop's regular line of business is ornamental ironwork. You might want to hire him to get a design closer to what he did to his castle. His goal is to complete it before he dies and keep building that castle bigger and bigger. The castle is now a tourism site and a host to a number of rave parties and events. There's no stopping to what one man can do to fulfill his dreams and this serves as an inspiration to me. We succeed because we act on it not just dream and wait.





And take a look on this image I've found. Give me your wild guess. They are two Afghan women in their finest dress. Just look at the cloth. It looks and feel soft. I know they are of good quality material.

afghan women

Friday, January 25, 2008

illusion and designs

Nothing beats the artist way of creating an illusion like this. A woman's face resting in the clean sand submerged in clear water. Definitely it does not have any relevance with the product it is advertising. A face and the still water. But it attracted me. I like illusions, it is amazing. 

 bottled water

Another design is the foot prints in the sand creating the illusion that somebody is walking out there. The viewer continues in his mind what is missing in the image.


These are great images one would continue to admire. If we are going to use these in ads it would still have the same effect in the viewer - attract them. What makes illusions and designs attractive? The viewer continues to create in his mind what was lacking in the image.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

amazing trees

Hello guys look what I've found. A tree with a woman's butt and a tree with something a woman wants to cling at night lol. See how man could be so creative. Sculpting a tree to look like these two is something I can't think as easy as 1,2,3. Man's imagination has no limits.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The shadow and his footprints

We are our own person. Each of us has our own identity and unique characteristics not common with other people. Somewhere along the road of life while we are creating and molding our destiny a lot of things happened. Some of us travel to another world and everything in him changed. I am talking of people who lost their identity. I am talking of people who when they interact with other people became so fragile and so weak at times that they tend to just follow what other people want them to do. It is like having to like what that person like and having to waive one's desire and happiness because he identifies himself with that person. I am talking about shadows.

One may not be aware that this might be happening to them. It first came as an admiration then it gradually transformed to putting that person in a pedestal because of his qualities. And because that person was placed at the top of your pedestal, you begin to mimic or imitate his style, his behavior, his dress style and everything that you see in him. You became the greatest copycat. Then one day, you realized that you became him. There’s no more you left in you. What is there is only him, nothing else but him. It is natural to admire people especially the achievers. But it is never a good thing to lose your identity.

You are what you are and everything in you is not him. You don’t have to be the great copycat to fulfill your dreams. Each of us has our own talents. We all have our gifts and we all have our own skills. You don’t have to rename yourself as him to succeed or to imagine you succeed. Try to create your own achievements and your own world. Do what you like and try to succeed in life by doing what you like. Of course morally and legally it shall be acceptable. If you can just see yourself, what remains are your shadow and your footprints because you were gone.

The shadow that has footprints loses his self a long time ago. Know your talents, enhance your skill. Big things start small. It takes a lot of effort to cave in your future and to mold that person. Stand the test of time and never betray yourself. You are a person of unlimited capabilities. Nobody can measure the limitations of a person’s brain. As you have it and as you use it, it creates the image of the person you figure yourself to be. What I am trying to say is that we all have the power to be someone without being a copycat. Originality is good but identity is one thing. Nobody is born a loser, we all win if we try and if we persist. Go out and find yourself. Do what you want and excel. You have the ability to excel, everything is in your hands. Time may run that fast but it is you who had been walking slow.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

change what you give

Change, what is change? We may not notice it but we are driving into change everyday. What we do now we change every minute of what we become tomorrow. Change is maddening when regrets are here to blame us why we haven't change things in the past when we have the ability to do so. Then we get depressed thinking of the change that we could have made before. So change is calling on you now for the better you tomorrow. Recall sensitivity to issues of morality and humanity. Change what you give to the world now so the world may give back a better world as an aftermath of what you give now. Change, what took you so long?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

sculpting stones

I love stones. These are not the expensive ones of course but just the natural stones that we can find at the beach or at the side of a river. They have their own beauty, different surfaces, and different shapes. Their colors also vary from light brown to black to light gray. The ones in the river are usually smooth while the ones at the beach are usually rough just like the kind of stones that we can find at the side of the road. This screenshot is just great. I was intrigued and greatly captivated by the image of the stones placed atop each other. The other one is sculpting faces on stones and it was process driven not deadline driven. Sculpting stones of this kind comes from a vision, something that is very personal. And great are the artist hands who sculpted them. Can't imagine how hard it would be to carve things out of stones but I can feel how fulfilling it would when you are done.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

hang in there until you find yourself

Sometimes in life people do not know what to do and where to place themselves. They feel like having no direction and so they just keep on drifting doing their day-to-day task while finding the meaning of their lives and of their existence. Well we all get the same feeling from time to time especially if things are not going quite well. Some people would be endlessly traveling around and some will be just crawling back to their shells losing their social interest. Just hang in there and it will soon wear out. You will be up and alive again in no time. Just hang in there like what this cute little thing had been doing, simply hanging!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Live the good life: scale your market value and live it up

Just a reality check, we work to live a good life. Everyone has his own set of goals and ambitions in life. Easier said than done, the end result does not justify the means. We all undergo a lot of pain, tears and sacrifices to experience the joy of living. If I may say so, life is dull without taking on the challenges it presents as we continue to work to survive. Working is all about surviving. Anything in excess is a good bonus from our hard work and great efforts to be where we are now. And that is what we call as achievement, experiencing the glory and success of hard work. Achievement is never a one click process it takes time to build what you have earned now. So let’s start with the very basics of life even as when we were younger and that is continuing education.

Think carefully about your work, family and life balance. Don’t let life pass you by completely without you giving your best search for your struggle to find meaning in life. Good life doesn’t just refer to abundance of financial resources but it also refers to creating harmony to your inner world as well. Which ones we can do alone by ourselves and which ones we have to interact with the world outside to achieve? The answer is as simple as spelling out your name, develop your skills, gather the experience, and participate in forums in any free information to increase your knowledge. Continuing education is very important. Only stop learning when you don’t want to upgrade your salary level otherwise you have to learn to be more competent in your area of expertise and be more on demand in the labor market of your specific industry.

Let us take the construction industry. The failure or success of a construction company depends on its workforce efficiency and productivity based on individual worker’s effectiveness and performance. By this we mean processing the right skills to the right level for a particular job. This could mean understanding the difference between a successful project and one which fails to deliver on budget and on time. Construction is a large and complex industry by which high quality skills are essential for achieving performance improvement. To meet the requirements of a changing environment we first work to search on the internet as to which website can provide us the best training tolls and resources to acquire the specific skills we would want to learn for personal development.

Go to and read on their curriculum and careers portion. teaches its participants the context of construction work which is more on competing efficiency with safety. The organization offers apprenticeship or direct hands on training which far outweighs classroom learning and theory. This practically gives students the chance to experience the application of what they have learned from cskills online interactive structured learning process. Remember cskills means ConstructionSkills and that is just the mission they are going to deliver: construction skills. ConstructionSkills facilitates the experience of a construction environment. They help arrange placements or work shadowing as one of their simulation activities. For professional career advisor or teachers, this is a very good opportunity to gain practical insight of what a construction environment is all about. Say in religion you have to practice what you preach, in construction you have to experience what you teach.

Children are the best students in the world. They learn easily, they put in every exciting lesson in their memory and retrieve it sometime when they need to apply them. Relate with what witnessing does to discipline and how one turns an ordinary boy to an expert? This is purely mentoring, exposure and exploration of the field of construction industry at a younger age. Ignite the interest, provide the resources and lead them on to working their skills. That is CSkills way of bringing KS3 and KS4 children to understand and appreciate built environment. They developed and offered Creative Spaces program for ages 5 to 14. This is a new Design and Technology resource that will encourage students to create comprehensive designs and let that artistic ability and creativity out to nurture and develop knowledge until it fully develops to skill. Design and technology is much fun to learn!

For the young and adult learner, CSkills never stop enthusiasm. If one is so interested to start learning construction right away they can very well do so by becoming an apprentice. CSkills also gives their students access for further education by allowing them to attend college or university to study. CSkills training and learning progam is also considered as the fastest route to getting the Experience Worker Practical Assessment. Students do not get only the qualifications, they also derived employment from it whenever employers call to hire apprentice from the organization. This site also keeps you up to date with news and information on current construction practices. Every year the organization organized a range of national and regional events to inform people of the great benefits of the skills and training issues CSkills provides. Publications, videos and CDs were created to fully deliver an intensive effective learning process across all subjects within the construction industry like Construction Site Safety GE 700, Risk Assessment and Method Statement Manager, and a whole lot more. Just go to the site and read their offers and what it can do to your future when you get to enroll to their training programs. Read about their card schemes that will help you prove your skills and get you qualified to work to the construction industry.

Living a good life means in search of a better skill and channel of learning to acquire new methods and new strategies to excel in your field. This would mean great pay, more opportunities of employment and most of all being happy and comfortable with the extra income you gain out of acquiring more skills. ConstructionSkills is the only organization I have encountered that gives both the opportunity to learn and the opportunity to get employed. It’s like a one stop shop for you. Learn, get skilled, get employed, excel, and achieve the good life you desire! CSkills is just the right way to move in to that level of desire. ConstructionSkills is all about learning how to get certified to get qualified for work. Grants are available for you to choose. Read and learn how to avail and don’t let this important education opportunity pass you by because we can never pay time tomorrow to go backwards for us to do what we have to do now. Act and learn to live the good life tomorrow.

my dream vacation

My dream vacation is really nothing fancy than a good place to rest and far from the noise of the world for awhile. I want to be in the middle of nature. I like to experience swimming in a pool of hot or cold spring without having to travel with expensive planes just to go to different locations. And if I desire to go bath in the sea or take a hike to the mountain it should be just a few minutes away or within walking distance. This fantasy may hold true at Camiguin Island Philippines. This place is only a boat ride from my place. I hope to spend a good one week vacation there when I am done with my goals for this year. A bonus for myself. I would definitely jump to the hot spring of Camiguin Island Philippines. Take a look at the screen shot of one of the resorts there. A very splendid and breathtaking view.

Just about anyone would enjoy some fun Hawaii vacation packages. There are tons of adventurous family vacation trips to take with family and friends like ski resorts or even cruises. Its nice to be able to take a vacation in the sun or enjoy other things on a vacation and get away from everyday life.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Delightful Art Nouveau styles at Castel Beranger

Here at Castel Beranger Paris France is the only gate that won't go unnoticed. Have you ever experienced staring at an abstract painting? Take a look at the close shot of its gates and let us see what you can make out of it. For me it looks like notes of a song scattered in different positions and some looking like bended guitar strings. Amusing eh, I don't think you figured it as such. So tell me, what do you see? The other one was one of the doors inside Castel Beranger. Really one of its kind, a real piece of art. This looks very interesting to visit.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bettercaring for better aging health care

Everyday people are face with the day-to-day challenges of providing excellent care for their aging parents living in their homes. It takes a good timetable management coping up in between work pressures and assuring quality time on family. Discipline could be the most adequate word for it but our health also wears down performing all of these tasks by ourselves especially when minor accidents already happened in our absence. Our loved ones could be exposed in a whole lot of risk left alone at the house managing day-to-day activities all by their selves.

We simply don’t want to let go of them and send them to care homes. You would all be thinking you can manage it well but later on discover that it has been affecting your mood, your time, your work and your health. Stress is not good, it wears you out. Sending them to care homes does not mean we don’t want to care. It only means we want them fully taken cared of with doctors and nurses checking in on them every minute or by the hour. The only essence that will be absent is our love and our presence. Love is paying all the charges in the care home and checking on their condition every day or every other day. Presence could be done like before, weekly visits with lots of flowers and fruits to last a long chat.

To start with the search we have to read forums and reviews of the care homes located near our house. This will enable you to spend a little time in travel and spend a good longer time chatting and noting or maybe spotting changes on their health and condition from the last visit. is a comprehensive search engine for good quality care homes. It provides vital information by writing reviews on it. There’s nothing to be afraid of because their forums naturally gives you an idea of how aging people are being cared at the care homes they have on their list compared to other operating care home sites. The concerned loved ones are talking it out, chatting all the things we need to know in the forums. Forums help us to make an informed decision to the kind of care home we might be choosing.

Nursing homes have come a long way from changing name to care homes to moving on being an integral part of government’s vision on health care. Bettercaring provides care information relevant to the type of care for our old ones that will affect the kind of decision we are going to make. There is news and comments portion in the website that will keep you updated on the activities and new policies on the care homes. There is also a care discussion provided to keep discussion flowing that is worth reading and learn a lot from it. We will never realize what’s happening with the care homes if we don’t read their forums and keep us updated with their news. At Bettercaring it was already provided along with some tips about health and some reviews on medical equipments that will greatly aide in caring for our loved ones.

Read true stories and hear about real lives of old people that were under the care of these care homes. Know how they were being handled and try to note which ones you are going to monitor and check when you get to visit them on weekends. Care search is even made easier. We only have to type the zip code or the town and specify distance. Remember distance is very important for emergency reasons send them to a care home very near your house. We would want to be at their side when they need us most and not on the highway speeding up to get there in time for any reason, we just have to choose the nearest best care homes in Bettercaring list. There are two types of homes you can choose and those are the nursing type or the residential type. Visit them first and know what is going to be most comfortable. Hit the reviews and hit the road to confirm. Bettercaring gives a very good honest review of these care homes that anybody may benefit greatly from it. Things that we ought to clarify phone or email Bettercaring because their staff is more than willing to help us with any questions we have. With Bettercaring we are guaranteed of the choices we make out of their list of care homes.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

greenland's magnificent beauty

A girl had been dying to find herself again. She climbed up the hill of this greenland and savored the peace of the moment. All she heard were birds chirping and the wind blowing. What a great sound! On the far corner is the river with a splashing sound. The sound of the water made her sleepy. She lied down then stared at the sky. Life could be great at times with the most natural and simplest of things around you. She can hear herself humming and just humming until that day ended.

Sometimes in life we need to seek ourselves and know where we are with life. Are we still the girl we think we are or are our characters been hardened by our struggles we've made with life. When we feel that our environment especially the people around are not doing us any good then we better seek a better life away from them where we all could be more comfortable and happy. Feeling strange and lonely? Try take a weekend out and just be on your own in a greenland like this. Meet yourself again and recharge your energy with nature's healing sound: silence, bird chirping and water running.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ecommerce shopping carts

Ecommerce shopping carts is a program designed to function like the shopping cart in the physical world which is to load the items and bring it to the checkout counter for payment. This would literally mean holding out the items until such time the shopper is ready to check out and complete the process by making payments. The best shopping cart features are the ones offered by Ashop Commerce which is easy for the shopper to use, easy for you to install on your website, offers visibility of the cart’s contents while browsing and displays the current total value of the load. Ideally this already includes sales tax and shipping cost if applicable which makes it easy for the customer to add or subtract goods. Since it is web based one only has to choose the type of plan that meets his needs and his budget. Anybody has the capability to build his online store in minutes with Ashop commerce shopping cart software even in the absence of html knowledge and skill because it is truly affordable, fully customizable, and is all ready for live operation in the internet.

This is the easiest online shopping mall to build without the help of programmers and website or graphics designer. It works quickly and flawlessly without losing data and with the customer barely noticing the time spent interacting on it. The shopping cart then saves the items for an extended period of time for later purchase. It gives the customer time to consider the purchase without the inconvenience of redoing the work. Ashop shopping cart page provides other offers or opportunities to customers where one earns from the upsell or cross selling process. The offer may be related products or services which gives the site a chance to continue the interaction and relationship building. Shopping carts and order management are simply the mechanics of making a transaction work for an online store. Depending on the kind of business you operate you may make a lot of money simply facilitating drop shipments direct from the wholesalers themselves. Ashop’s software may be customized to offer items for purchase without investing a cent in inventory.

The purpose of this ecommerce software is to facilitate the exchange of payments for goods and services which is mainly called transaction processing. Ashop assures that after payment at checkout goods purchased are then delivered to the right person and not for anyone else. The software works correctly and is fairly easy to handle. The software ensures a smooth recorded flow of transaction along with the activities of multiple buyers without interfering from each other. Since it is web based, fundamentally its database stores structured information capable of working with large number of records. You never worry of getting your store offline because it has a very large bandwidth that can keep your store running 24/7 in the internet. On the other hand it refines product presentation and provides opportunities tracking buyer behavior and actions at a very detailed level within the site.

This is a great opportunity for advertising and marketing which is already provided in the design and characteristics of the shopping cart. Still it would be wise to avail of the test drive demo and 10 days free trial to feel what your customers may feel when it drives the cart around your store. Ashop design services provide custom graphics for banners, buttons, and logos which saves you the time thinking about branding and identity. Ashop has it all. And it’s a relief to know that it can be a one stop shop for online retailers. Creating and marketing an online shopping mall has never been easy. You got what it takes for you to pay the low monthly fee at a price that exceeds what it cost – the hassle and headache of establishing an online store. Ashop commerce shopping cart just did it for you!

Ad headlines that works

This is one spam email I got in my bulk folder mailbox whose model and headline attracted me. I was really thinking that it was kind of a girls only shopping talk because of the image. When I read the headline it says get paid to review products. I was thinking ahoy they expanded their products. This is good. But when I click on through the links I found it was not paid blog review assignments after all but an opportunity to answer online surveys for US only. See how this ad could blindly lead a person to clicking through his landing page!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ashop commerce shopping cart for great customer experience

Ashop commerce shopping cart software was able to create an experience gap over competitor’s offering within the industry. The cart deliberately created a compelling positive hard to match customer service experience. The shift of consumer’s attitude towards shopping online gave rise to competitive quick, clear, informative and easy to navigate ecommerce software. What customer wants Ashop shopping cart software delivers! Customers need a quick way to move from browsing, search, comparing prices, and buying online. Ashop has a quick look or search functionality showing inventory availability, product description and adding items to cart without interfering browsing or exploring activity. With higher bandwidths Ashop shopping cart delights customers by accomplishing their task quickly and efficiently. Its fast page loads and smoother process just made online shopping easy on real quick optimized shopping experience. Ashop simply bridge the gap between checkout and abandoned carts statistics by offering alternative payment methods which increases customer’s options. Increasing customer’s willingness to pay makes significant impact to conversion rates. This even appeals to budget-conscious online merchants because of its low cost ecommerce solution. The web store may feature enhanced product images to provide users with multiple and detailed views of the product. Ashop also provide free technical support, affiliate marketing strategy, link building SEO optimization and on-call support via email, toll free phone or live chat programs depending on merchant preferences. People not only find shopping online efficient but also because it is much fun to look at the site like real stores. Further merchants delights with Ashop’s hosting, marketing, and lead generation strategy converting browsers to buyers. When customers land on the site they will find an engaging buying experience of the best shopping cart functionality powered with the least plan possible offering low price high quality products online.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

When man and nature meet to create wonders

When man and nature meet to create wonders, it is just amazing. Take a look at this great image of a face sculptured by a group of people for entry to a contest. Just amazing how man could get creative and real fascinating at times. On the other hand nature had found its way to two boring poles and sculpt it with ice. It really looks like this was done in a studio but this was right outside the Loussac library. Great shots isn't it?

Friday, January 4, 2008 best online casinos reviews graphics

Online casinos as an ever growing online business would mean high monitoring and control focus on security. As hackers realized the amount of deposits flowing through it these casinos never stopped developing and updating security features. has enlisted online casinos that offers wide gaming choices, fast downloads and close security watch. Innovations and software updates have provided players with graphics and great gaming experience. claimed that there is a good deal of psychology and skill involved when playing at online casinos which is contrary to the belief that it is all about luck all the time.

Seen by the public as a deviant behavior, players at sites just proved that it is more on the instinct and the capability of a person to face risk investments. Making money betting online relying on graphics and software speeds is a healthy and lucrative form of leisure and entertainment when addiction does not deny self discipline. Win or lose gambling is part of living on which people live by most of the time. The behavior could also be regarded as habit forming. reviews help players determine which game is best for investing and practices instinct on betting chances just like what stock traders do: forecasting and dealing with emotions. The rules of each game were best explained by showing bonuses, editor rating, player ratings and full review. Slots makes a player win huge jackpot if he is lucky. Online Caribbean stud is pretty popular and fun to play. Roulette is the easiest characterized by spinning the wheel.

Online poker is a game of skills participated by talented players armed with mathematics advantage relying more on strategy. This play is the most interactive among their listed online games. These are just some of the exciting games Pro360 has reviewed. Any starter like me could easily understand the rules of each game. The website never encourages addiction they only promote fun and entertainment playing with an online casino. The website design is also very simple. It provided a little review space at the top and a list of online casinos right below it to start playing.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The passion of writing and how to gain from it

Writing blogs can be a lot of fun especially if you write on your favorite topics. This seem like you are making a diary of world events. You may put together your blogs on a certain subject for a year then publish it as an ebook, a regular book or a blog journal. To compensate your time and your hobby giving out free information you can certainly blog for money and get paid posting honest reviews on your blog. The third generation marketing strategy is focus on blog advertising sometimes using videos or ipods. There are millions of these online journals linking together forming a vast network one can’t imagine at a rate of millions of blogs going out per day across the internet.

Smorty operates like any academic essay services. It connects bloggers to advertisers then connects consumers to the advertiser’s products through product reviews made available on blog posties. Freelance writers actually connect advertisers who opt to advertise on blogs and consumers looking for good product review reading blogs. This is the mission of Smorty, outsourcing advertising to bloggers who really love to write as a hobby. In the same way they get paid for blogging. Writers definitely get paid to blog unbiased consumer-generated content and somehow increase page ranks when consumers desire to grab real information and make them subscribe to RSS feed of their blogsites.

Diverse forms of technology made available in free blogsites are being tapped by Smorty to reach target market. This enables anybody to broadcast information, pictures, and videos worldwide. Bloggers certainly can have product reviews up instantaneously and it can be found all over the net as fast as in a matter of minutes. Smorty serves to search for writers that focus on a niche related to advertiser’s products or services that can very well talk about their business, products, customer service or inside view of the company. Blogs are rather informal unlike the articles that made it a good channel of expression and relationship building. Smorty see blogs easy to maintain and very informative that gives advertisers the opportunity to gather feedback for their products and services because it allows website visitors to participate through comments. Blogs are usually updated daily which is most preferred by Smorty who aims to be the leader in the industry of blog advertising. Even the web design of Smorty does not need to be too catchy also. It is as simple as 1-2-3 information on what the company is all about.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Boracay Island Philippines

Come to Boracay Island Philippines and experience sunbathing and swimming in sea with white sand beaches without fear to serve as dinner for sharks. Sleep over in cozy native bungalows located in the center of lush tropical gardens. Know the hospitality of the Filipinos and taste the great native lechon baboy and lechon baka. Looking for a vacation in paradise? Go for Boracay!