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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bishop Castle, Colorado

The Bishop Castle in Beulah, Colorado is located on the State Highway 165. Jim Bishop has started the construction in 1969 and still is a work in progress. For over 30 years Jim did it all by himself. He does not want any help and has single handedly but mechanically created his stone and iron fortress. A product of his imagination, the evidence of his creativity and his monument of hard work, the castle is open to visitors on donation. The rocks came from San Isabel National Forest. Jim Bishop's regular line of business is ornamental ironwork. You might want to hire him to get a design closer to what he did to his castle. His goal is to complete it before he dies and keep building that castle bigger and bigger. The castle is now a tourism site and a host to a number of rave parties and events. There's no stopping to what one man can do to fulfill his dreams and this serves as an inspiration to me. We succeed because we act on it not just dream and wait.





And take a look on this image I've found. Give me your wild guess. They are two Afghan women in their finest dress. Just look at the cloth. It looks and feel soft. I know they are of good quality material.

afghan women


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