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Saturday, January 12, 2008

my dream vacation

My dream vacation is really nothing fancy than a good place to rest and far from the noise of the world for awhile. I want to be in the middle of nature. I like to experience swimming in a pool of hot or cold spring without having to travel with expensive planes just to go to different locations. And if I desire to go bath in the sea or take a hike to the mountain it should be just a few minutes away or within walking distance. This fantasy may hold true at Camiguin Island Philippines. This place is only a boat ride from my place. I hope to spend a good one week vacation there when I am done with my goals for this year. A bonus for myself. I would definitely jump to the hot spring of Camiguin Island Philippines. Take a look at the screen shot of one of the resorts there. A very splendid and breathtaking view.

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