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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Live the good life: scale your market value and live it up

Just a reality check, we work to live a good life. Everyone has his own set of goals and ambitions in life. Easier said than done, the end result does not justify the means. We all undergo a lot of pain, tears and sacrifices to experience the joy of living. If I may say so, life is dull without taking on the challenges it presents as we continue to work to survive. Working is all about surviving. Anything in excess is a good bonus from our hard work and great efforts to be where we are now. And that is what we call as achievement, experiencing the glory and success of hard work. Achievement is never a one click process it takes time to build what you have earned now. So let’s start with the very basics of life even as when we were younger and that is continuing education.

Think carefully about your work, family and life balance. Don’t let life pass you by completely without you giving your best search for your struggle to find meaning in life. Good life doesn’t just refer to abundance of financial resources but it also refers to creating harmony to your inner world as well. Which ones we can do alone by ourselves and which ones we have to interact with the world outside to achieve? The answer is as simple as spelling out your name, develop your skills, gather the experience, and participate in forums in any free information to increase your knowledge. Continuing education is very important. Only stop learning when you don’t want to upgrade your salary level otherwise you have to learn to be more competent in your area of expertise and be more on demand in the labor market of your specific industry.

Let us take the construction industry. The failure or success of a construction company depends on its workforce efficiency and productivity based on individual worker’s effectiveness and performance. By this we mean processing the right skills to the right level for a particular job. This could mean understanding the difference between a successful project and one which fails to deliver on budget and on time. Construction is a large and complex industry by which high quality skills are essential for achieving performance improvement. To meet the requirements of a changing environment we first work to search on the internet as to which website can provide us the best training tolls and resources to acquire the specific skills we would want to learn for personal development.

Go to and read on their curriculum and careers portion. teaches its participants the context of construction work which is more on competing efficiency with safety. The organization offers apprenticeship or direct hands on training which far outweighs classroom learning and theory. This practically gives students the chance to experience the application of what they have learned from cskills online interactive structured learning process. Remember cskills means ConstructionSkills and that is just the mission they are going to deliver: construction skills. ConstructionSkills facilitates the experience of a construction environment. They help arrange placements or work shadowing as one of their simulation activities. For professional career advisor or teachers, this is a very good opportunity to gain practical insight of what a construction environment is all about. Say in religion you have to practice what you preach, in construction you have to experience what you teach.

Children are the best students in the world. They learn easily, they put in every exciting lesson in their memory and retrieve it sometime when they need to apply them. Relate with what witnessing does to discipline and how one turns an ordinary boy to an expert? This is purely mentoring, exposure and exploration of the field of construction industry at a younger age. Ignite the interest, provide the resources and lead them on to working their skills. That is CSkills way of bringing KS3 and KS4 children to understand and appreciate built environment. They developed and offered Creative Spaces program for ages 5 to 14. This is a new Design and Technology resource that will encourage students to create comprehensive designs and let that artistic ability and creativity out to nurture and develop knowledge until it fully develops to skill. Design and technology is much fun to learn!

For the young and adult learner, CSkills never stop enthusiasm. If one is so interested to start learning construction right away they can very well do so by becoming an apprentice. CSkills also gives their students access for further education by allowing them to attend college or university to study. CSkills training and learning progam is also considered as the fastest route to getting the Experience Worker Practical Assessment. Students do not get only the qualifications, they also derived employment from it whenever employers call to hire apprentice from the organization. This site also keeps you up to date with news and information on current construction practices. Every year the organization organized a range of national and regional events to inform people of the great benefits of the skills and training issues CSkills provides. Publications, videos and CDs were created to fully deliver an intensive effective learning process across all subjects within the construction industry like Construction Site Safety GE 700, Risk Assessment and Method Statement Manager, and a whole lot more. Just go to the site and read their offers and what it can do to your future when you get to enroll to their training programs. Read about their card schemes that will help you prove your skills and get you qualified to work to the construction industry.

Living a good life means in search of a better skill and channel of learning to acquire new methods and new strategies to excel in your field. This would mean great pay, more opportunities of employment and most of all being happy and comfortable with the extra income you gain out of acquiring more skills. ConstructionSkills is the only organization I have encountered that gives both the opportunity to learn and the opportunity to get employed. It’s like a one stop shop for you. Learn, get skilled, get employed, excel, and achieve the good life you desire! CSkills is just the right way to move in to that level of desire. ConstructionSkills is all about learning how to get certified to get qualified for work. Grants are available for you to choose. Read and learn how to avail and don’t let this important education opportunity pass you by because we can never pay time tomorrow to go backwards for us to do what we have to do now. Act and learn to live the good life tomorrow.