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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

seek your world

It is better for you to live in this world as children
Awareness to what will become of you is making you run all the time
Running may not be that fun anymore
Trying to achieve your dreams may keep you away from me
Money may not be everything but I know it brings good things
I know the motivations and I know the need
Can't we just stop and take each day as it comes?

I feel we are growing apart
Children never worry about tomorrow
They have the Father to take care of them
Trust is basic and it is human instinct
Are you losing me?
Come and pause a moment
Just be with me for a moment and know that I love you

Come and sit with me
Listen to the waves and look at that starfish
He is alone but he is in peace with his world
Loneliness bothers you only when you are filled with the aches of this world

Come and sit with me
Pause a moment and know that you are not going anywhere without me
I am your heart's desire
I grant your heart's desire.
I am the Man with the Mission.