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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

greenland's magnificent beauty

A girl had been dying to find herself again. She climbed up the hill of this greenland and savored the peace of the moment. All she heard were birds chirping and the wind blowing. What a great sound! On the far corner is the river with a splashing sound. The sound of the water made her sleepy. She lied down then stared at the sky. Life could be great at times with the most natural and simplest of things around you. She can hear herself humming and just humming until that day ended.

Sometimes in life we need to seek ourselves and know where we are with life. Are we still the girl we think we are or are our characters been hardened by our struggles we've made with life. When we feel that our environment especially the people around are not doing us any good then we better seek a better life away from them where we all could be more comfortable and happy. Feeling strange and lonely? Try take a weekend out and just be on your own in a greenland like this. Meet yourself again and recharge your energy with nature's healing sound: silence, bird chirping and water running.