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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The shadow and his footprints

We are our own person. Each of us has our own identity and unique characteristics not common with other people. Somewhere along the road of life while we are creating and molding our destiny a lot of things happened. Some of us travel to another world and everything in him changed. I am talking of people who lost their identity. I am talking of people who when they interact with other people became so fragile and so weak at times that they tend to just follow what other people want them to do. It is like having to like what that person like and having to waive one's desire and happiness because he identifies himself with that person. I am talking about shadows.

One may not be aware that this might be happening to them. It first came as an admiration then it gradually transformed to putting that person in a pedestal because of his qualities. And because that person was placed at the top of your pedestal, you begin to mimic or imitate his style, his behavior, his dress style and everything that you see in him. You became the greatest copycat. Then one day, you realized that you became him. There’s no more you left in you. What is there is only him, nothing else but him. It is natural to admire people especially the achievers. But it is never a good thing to lose your identity.

You are what you are and everything in you is not him. You don’t have to be the great copycat to fulfill your dreams. Each of us has our own talents. We all have our gifts and we all have our own skills. You don’t have to rename yourself as him to succeed or to imagine you succeed. Try to create your own achievements and your own world. Do what you like and try to succeed in life by doing what you like. Of course morally and legally it shall be acceptable. If you can just see yourself, what remains are your shadow and your footprints because you were gone.

The shadow that has footprints loses his self a long time ago. Know your talents, enhance your skill. Big things start small. It takes a lot of effort to cave in your future and to mold that person. Stand the test of time and never betray yourself. You are a person of unlimited capabilities. Nobody can measure the limitations of a person’s brain. As you have it and as you use it, it creates the image of the person you figure yourself to be. What I am trying to say is that we all have the power to be someone without being a copycat. Originality is good but identity is one thing. Nobody is born a loser, we all win if we try and if we persist. Go out and find yourself. Do what you want and excel. You have the ability to excel, everything is in your hands. Time may run that fast but it is you who had been walking slow.